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My name is Darin

Darin DiNapoli is an Emmy Award winning director/editor/producer/motion graphics artist with 17 years of professional experience in the advertising/film & video industry. Other notable achievements include being named a 2022 Emerging Artist at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, winning Best Film at the 2014 Pittsburgh 48 Hour Horror Film Festival, Producing nine 48 Hour Films over the course of 3 years (one in Los Angeles which made it to the top 10 out of 300 teams and screened at the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard), and winning an Adfed award aka a Gold Addy award.


Aside from traditional storytelling projects, Darin has also been involved with producing innovative works including 360 video documentary films, and interactive media (games and short film).

Darin owns and operates his own production company, DNAPPS Productions which specializes in content video development and production.

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